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Luxury Property Management Miami

Luxury Property Management Miami

Let Us Manage Your Miami Luxury Home

Our experienced, knowledgeable, professional and insured team of residential managers are committed to the impeccable preservation of each residence.

We are honored to be ranked by as one of the top management companies in Miami for the past four years (2020-2023). Like staying In the finest hotels and resorts, LRM Is committed to Five Star Service assuring attention to detail and peace of mind.

Management Services

  • Weekly Property Inspections
    • General Security
    • Audio/Video Systems
    • Air Conditioning
    • Electrical and Plumbing
    • Mold, Mildew and Water Leaks
    • Pest Control
    • Pool, Landscape and Irrigation
    • Residence Upkeep
  • Emergency Property Security Alert On-Call
  • Emergency Maintenance On-Call
  • Residence/Construction Project Management
  • Hurricane Preparedness

Vendor Management

  • Cleaning, Laundry, Ironing and dry-cleaningservices
  • Interior Plants and Aquarium Services
  • Lawn, Pool and Tennis Court Maintenance
  • Maintenance and Repair Services
  • Pest Control Inspections and Treatment
  • Automobile Detailing and Maintenance

Specialty Services

  • Pre-Arrival Grocery Shopping and Floral Arrangements
  • Personal Shopping – Supplies and Gifts
  • Holiday Décor Design, Installation and Removal
  • Administrative, Bill Paying and Notary Services
  • Residence Deliveries
  • Mail and Package ServicesBottom of Form

Client Representation

  • Liaison with Architects, Contractors, Interior Designers and Realtors
  • Appearing on the Client’s Behalf to Represent the Property
  • Working with Association, Building Management and Boards

Attributes of a Highly Effective Residence Manager

The LRM Estate Managers are trained to uphold the highest standards in service. 

  1. The Residence is treated as a museum; all aspects are to be kept in perfect condition. All maintenance and repair items are to be reported to the Client and Client Representative with photos.
  2. As an Estate Manager, we are to always serve the best interest and desires of the Family. Our primary responsibility is to be of service to them.
  3. Security and confidentiality of most importance to the Family.
  4. Eye for detail; being a perfectionist is crucial. Each property has a Residence Photo Manual as to how everything is to be place; therefore for example, one has to have an eye if the chairs are in perfect alignment, are the pens placed in the crystal holders in the exact same position, is the silver polished, is the shower water temperature as indicated on the dial, are the finger prints removed from the iPads, are the items on the tables/desks in proper position.
  5. Specific Protocols and Checklist have been established for the Resident Manager and Staff (or contracted housekeepers).
    • Estate Management Protocol
    • Pre-Arrival Checklist
    • Arrival Day Checklist
    • Natural Disaster Preparedness
    • Staff Checklist
    • Vendor List
  6. Lead with a team focus. Staff,contracted and vendorsare key to how smoothly the Residence operates. LMR Managers, lead with an “enrollment” leadership style rather than “command”. Each staff member (or contracted housekeeper) has responsibilities that are critical to the success of the Team.
  7. The Client Representative is our backbone support as they have direct communication with the Family. Our direct communication with the Family is limited, first funnel is typically through the Client Representative. They typically will assist in contract reviews and requesting required insurance coverage for all project-based work at the property.
  8. Logistic coordination: there are many facets to operating the Residence. An understanding of residential maintenance and construction is extremely helpful.
  9. Organization of Tasks:
    • Family Requests and Approvals (Priorities)
    • General Tasks
    • Off Season Tasks
  10. Precise communication: keep communication to the point and use a brief bulleted format to provide updates with supporting photos.

Luxury Residential Management’s Core Values:

  • We listen, we care, we serve from integrity
  • We take 100% responsibility
  • We do what we say we’ll do
  • We practice open, real communication
  • We face challenges with optimism
  • We innovate and constantly improve
  • We do the right thing

The LRM Team looks forward to being of Service!

Eddie Miller, CEO
Luxury Residential Management
305 400 4632

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