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Miami Beach

Live in Sunset Harbour to Join a Tribe of Workout Enthusiasts

To pop into Sunset Harbour is to believe that the entire neighborhood is in training for a triathlon. Miami Beach, of course, is famous for its wellness and workout ethic and its parade of beautiful bodies, but in tiny Sunset Harbour, the health-focused lifestyle is super-concentrated.

You sit at brunch with your friends at Icebox Café, which never disappoints, enjoying your guava-filled French toast with butterscotch sauce and applewood-smoked bacon (or the healthier power breakfast (two eggs, cherry tomatoes, avocado mash, spinach, sautéed mushrooms, multigrain toast), and can’t help but notice the toned, vascular arms sticking out of tank tops and the yoga mats and the gym bags and everyone’s sense of purpose.

Where are they all going, or coming from?

The first guess would be Barry’s Miami Beach, which enjoys pioneer status, having opened in 2014, when few people knew that Sunset Harbour was anything more than the place where you collected your car after it got towed. The fitness chain is known for its Red Room, the place to burn 1,000 calories during 50-to 60-minute high-intensity bursts that combine strength training with treadmill work (the original HIIT—high-intensity interval training—workout).

The Barry’s way promises to increase lean body mass and raise metabolic rate up to 15%. You can become part of the Barry’s tribe either by purchasing packs of classes (for example, $620 for 20 classes), or by committing to a recurring membership. You’ll end your workout feeling so depleted that you’ll have to make a stop at the Fuel Bar, Barry’s in-house hub for health and wellness. It offers customized shakes and healthy snacks that will help you run faster, lift heavier and recover more quickly.

Blocks away, Anatomy Fitness (which also has locations in Midtown and Coconut Grove) has shaken things up with its holistic approach. Not only does the brand offer state-of-the-art facilities and innovative classes, but Anatomy also treats members to Wellness Sanctuaries that contain infrared saunas, hot and cold plunges and eucalyptus steam rooms. And the gym’s partnership with USA Sports Medicine means members can access premier chiropractic care and physical therapy; plus, vitamin infusions are also available. That’s quite a range of offerings all under one roof.

Need something hard-core in Sunset Harbour? There’s Sobekick, a boutique boxing studio that offers specialized group classes and personal training led by professional fighters and certified trainers. No one should feel intimidated: Sobekick caters to beginners as well as experienced fighters.

The neighborhood is also home to SWEAT440 (featuring 40-minute classes of four 10-minute HIIT circuits, separated by rest periods, to help you burn 800 calories) and Fuze House (for Pilates and yoga).

“For many people, if a gym isn’t in the building or within a three-block walk, you’ll find excuses not to go,” says Marco Tiné, principal of Casa Collection Realty. “Living in Sunset Harbour—on Purdy or West Avenue, or wherever—solves that problem. Wherever you live in the neighborhood, you’re minutes—or even seconds—away from a trainer or a fully equipped gym. Many people have chosen to live in Sunset Harbour just for that reason—and because it’s so motivating to see others who are as committed to fitness as you are—or want to be.”

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